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Ayazuta Experts - Vevila Hussey
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Vevila Hussey, MSW

Indian Child Expert Witness

(see bio)
Vevila's Blog
California ICW Compliance User Guide

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If you have ICWA expertise and have things to say about ICWA compliance, or just want to help others handle the complexity of ICWA in practical terms, please contact us.
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Ayazuta attends first ever White House Foster Care and Technology Hackathon, May 26/27, 2016

ICWA Eagle LogoUpdated Federal Register of ICWA Tribal contacts, out March 2nd, 2016, the Ayazuta team has completed our updates, when will your contacts database be up to date?

ICWA Eagle Logonewsletter 8 - survey results
Ayazuta's second survey results on ICWA compliance Nationwide, ICWA practitioners have their say!

ICWA Eagle LogoDEMO - See how we can improve ICWA Case Management for your organization

ICWA Eagle Logolower 48, 4th round review of addresses completed, Alaska started

ICWA Eagle Logonewsletter 7 - survey results
Ayazuta's survey results reviews ICWA compliance Nationwide, ICWA practitioners have their say

ICWA Eagle Logofirst independent review and update of icwa contact details for every federally recognized tribe in the united states

ICWA Eagle Logoayazuta speaks at nicwa conference