Tribal Database Monthly Update

Many organizations have a legal responsibility to "Notice" Tribes in ICWA cases, and they store Tribal contact information within case management systems to facilitate the production of notices, however most or all current contact lists (including the Federal Register (April 2011) and California DSS List (Sept 2008)) are significantly flawed.

Our process of re-confirming Tribal ICWA contact details in a 6 monthly cycle, and having multiple ways for Tribes or other interested parties to tell us about changes, allows us to have the most up to date information available anywhere, but this means little unless the information in the database is being used by case workers handling ICWA cases.

Our ICWA Contacts Update Process (click here to see the detail)

ICWA Contacts Update process

The Ayazuta Data Service overcomes the current issues by supplying updates to contact details on a monthly basis for inclusion into SACWIS and other case management systems.

Clients start by accepting a full download of the Ayazuta Tribal contacts database which includes the Federal Register address, and the correct names, addresses, phone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses where these are available. This data is supplied ready to be "fed in" to case management systems for immediate use.

Ayazuta then supplies monthly updates which include all contact details that have changed, in the same format as our main database upload for easy update of our customers case management systems.

Of course we are happy to work through any specific circumstances to ensure the effective upload and maintenance of Tribal Contact information for case workers across the organization.

Updates are available as CSV File, XML, or other format as required.

Automated ICWA Noticing

Ayazuta architecture

Ayazuta is not a case management system, it is a service which allows all Case Management systems to be compliant with the Notice requirements of ICWA.

Our system uses modern technology to automate the ICWA noticing process, while ensuring the security and integrity of your confidential case information.

A "Software as a Service" web application developed using fully standards compliant HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, working with a SQL database; Ayazuta complies with strict industry requirements for accuracy, security and confidentiality, while being easy to use, and supportive of existing work processes.

Ayazuta complies with appropriate technical and national standards, NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) inbound messaging is being implemented.

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Implementation and Integration:

Implementation Services

Ayazuta is very simple to start using. Our package of services is focused on your organization being able to carry out noticing in less than a week of starting work . It is based on the following steps:
  1. Mapping your standard forms to Ayazuta's data
  2. Identify administrators and users
  3. Enter jurisdiction information
  4. User registration
  5. User training
  6. You're finished, now you can enter information to produce notices

We already have templates covering all of the implementation tasks, and our consultants work on-site with your technical team and users to ensure effective implementation, training, and support process are in place. Crucially we also build relationships with our customers which supports the effective ongoing operation of the system, if there are problems, we will be there to resolve them.

Integration Services:

There are even more efficiencies to be gained by integrating your Case Management System (CMS) and Calendar system with Ayazuta so that case information can flow seamlessly from its source bringing:
  1. Case Upload into Ayazuta
  2. Hearing updates from the Court or your Calendaring system
  3. Case Download into your case managment system

These interactions, and integration with other systems are possible through a disciplined Integration Process Lifecycle.

Due to the differences in Customer systems, it is appropriate to conduct a requirements and solution definition phase before making specific committments, please talk to your representative to discuss how we can truly make your ICWA noticing process compliant.

Implementation approach diagram